Scottish Eco House - I used to be something else!


Welcome to my unique home - a home that is off grid but fully sufficient and maybe not luxurious but very comfortable. Primarily in creating this house I have used waste products which would have ended up in landfill. The list is fairly endless but hopefully you will enjoy my photographs and the story behind each of them.
The internal walls are made from  mixed waste plastic. Primarily from fast food restaurant operations - virtually all of this is currently going to landfill and this is a fantastic alternative.
Work tops are made from waste plastic hospital bed sheets - in my opinion this is a brilliant alternative use for a once used product.
Insulation is made from shredded plastic toner bottles from photocopiers and printers- again a great reuse and much more pleasant to work with than current alternatives.
Broken pallets are used extensively for fencing and panelling.
Internally I really went to town with jam jars as lights, cable reel as a coffee table, whisky barrel as a feature unit, lights made from vodka bottles, picture frames made from waste tyres even the coasters were once circuit boards.
All that of course is very well and in some cases very clever but what I wanted to do was create a home that was normal as I am used to my home comforts and a bit too old to change habits! So first issue was power and creating enough - you very quickly become a power expert when you have to create enough so you are warm and not in the dark. So my home uses a mixture of wind and solar power and appliances are all super energy efficient but now have a  warm house to wake up too and nice and toasty of an evening. With additional heat from a wood burning stove if needed.
That leads me on to water and for this I operate a rain harvesting system and being Scotland no shortages on that front!
I suppose that leads us on to toilets - now that was a challenge more on the I am not having that mode than anything else but stuck to my simple must be either normal or be better that I applied to every aspect of the project!
Eventually opted for a Swedish design where in simple terms you just go as normal and the toilet does some clever things quietly and efficiently just as you would expect from a Swedish design.
Finally I really must thank all my friends in the recycling industry for all the help and sharing of my ideas.
To my tradesmen who had to put up with me constantly saying no do it my way!
And some lovely people I have met along the way who share my vision

Call 07729 630054 or email if you would like more information on this incredible project!